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Before I became an author, I was an avid reader.   I love a good romance but it wasn’t always that way. I used to devour everything. Horror. Suspense. Even young adult books. And ya know what? I liked them all. So, it didn’t surprise me when I began my writing career, that I would write across genre’s. I don’t know if it will always be that way but I love bringing my stories to you. All of them.

2016 was a challenging year for me both personally and professionally. Searching for a balance between raising kids  and writing numerous series fell flat. I couldn’t decide where my sweet spot was. Contemporary romance? Romantic comedy? Paranormal? Suspense? Urban Fantasy? I had started books in every genre and became overwhelmed. And my writing came to an abrupt halt. I told myself no one will miss me. My books will fall into the abyss. I’m happy to say, I was wrong. The outpouring of reader requests had my head spinning. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, after months of nothing, readers reached out. Although it’s been slow going, I am making my way back out into the world. I will have a new release in 2017. Thanks for sticking with me, readers. Your loyalty will be rewarded. Hugs.


Shattered_Innocence (1)Enclave_Part_2 (1)Enclave_Part_3 (1)Coming Soon – Shattered Innocence Part 1

Jules Worthington is a young writer looking for the story of her career. She gets her chance during the course of research at a local swing club when she meets sexy, damaged Raymond Armstrong. He and his friends have been treated unfairly by the media. His latest lover, Abby Monroe, said to be slaughtered inside his home while he played sex games was a blatant lie. He wants her reputation restored, giving Jules the chance at the exclusive of a lifetime. But when she finds herself falling hard for the dashing young entrepreneur, she must find a way to give him her body without giving up her heart.

Under Raymond’s watchful eye and experienced hand, Jules will uncover the secrets of The Enclave. With her innocence shattered, she learns about obsessive love, unrelenting desire and an all-consuming passion that will drive her to the brink of insanity.

Shattered Innocence Part 2

When Jules Worthington signed an exclusive agreement to write the story of her career, she never guessed her heart would wind up in a tug-a-war. Determined to deliver a stellar article about the murder of Abby Monroe, she is forced to keep secrets, tell lies and ignore her growing affection for Raymond Armstrong.

As she struggles to adapt to her new lifestyle, she discovers, not everything is what it seems. The couples of the enclave are nothing like she’d expected. And the happiness that always seemed to elude her, falls into her lap. But will she compromise her career for the sake of a few weeks of bliss? Or will Jules realize, “Life’s a game. You can either be a player or a toy.”

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