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Ache Of Desire


Ache Of Desire – My first novel, Ache Of Desire made its debut in October, 2012.

Engaged to a handsome, wealthy athlete, Rebecca DeMorrow had her future lined up in perfect symmetry. But not everything goes according to plan, and like a row of dominos, a tipping point triggers a melee with disastrous results. Years later, a chance encounter with Detective Jack Hunt stirs her monotonous life. Guarded and disbelieving, she tells herself it’s simply physical. But when Jack barrels through her resolve with his outlandish sexual behavior and sometimes shocking language, she feels the shackles around her heart falter. Coming to grips with her past, Rebecca begins to believe that things she thought too good to be true could in fact exist. As she rediscovers herself and accepts a blossoming love, a coincidental meeting uncovers a secret that threatens to destroy her newly found happiness with the one man who can make her forget her past.

What Readers are saying…

….awesome book. wish there was a book 2. could not put it down. must read!!!

….Two thumbs up for this new writer! Cherrie Mack weaves together likable characters, interesting plot, witty humor and passionate scenes. The result is a fun, hot book to read.

….Loved this book !!! It was FIFTY SHADES of kinky. Great story.

….I just finished reading Ache-Of-Desire and it was great. There were so many twists and surprises that i couldn’t stop reading. And the kinky sex was pretty good too!!!

The character development is believable and draws you in.

Great book! The chemistry between the characters sizzles throughout the book. It was a quick, easy flowing read and I HIGHLY recommend it.