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Fairy godmothers are not all alike, as Allie Adams is about to find out. When the man of her dreams walks into her life, she’ll need more than the right pair of shoes to win his heart. With the help of a most unusual fairy godmother, Allie just might get everything she wants. Cherrie Mack puts a new twist on an old favorite in Book 1 of the Little Black Box series, My Sister’s Shoes

When Prince Charming comes looking for the woman who stole his heart at a Manhattan shoe store, he instead finds her stepsister, Allie. Allie doesn’t leave the best impression with the handsome Zach Brady, who quickly dismisses her as the maid. But an unusual fairy godmother with bulging biceps, long hair, and a cool demeanor has plans for her. Can Allie keep herself from falling for the wrong man and convince him to help her snag Zach? This duo quickly learns that sometimes if the shoe fits, the pair could be all wrong.

The Romance Review

Hers was a young life filled with loss, let downs, and anger until an unlikely pierced and tattooed biker angel revealed he had been given the task of helping her achieve happiness.

Within months of losing her mother to cancer, 22-year old Allison Adams lost Gregory, her mother’s true love and the wealthy man who’d loved, housed, and treated Allie like she was his very own daughter. Volunteering at a hospice to get unpaid practical nursing experience before sitting for her nursing board certification and saddled with student loan debt from her studies, Allie’s hopes of being left something in Gregory’s will were shattered when his home and estate was left to Adrienne, the young woman Gregory had only recently discovered he’d fathered with an old lover. All Allie received was a little black box containing a cryptic note and, once again, the disappointment of not feeling like she belonged.

Although she’d be homeless, except for Adrienne’s mother’s snide offer to let her clean Adrienne’s home in exchange for housing, Allie didn’t find living with the pampered Adrienne at all easy, especially when Adrienne borrowed snippets of Allie’s life to try and land a rich man like Zach Brady for a husband. An angry Allie thought it should have been enough that Adrienne inherited Gregory’s home and all his wealth, and she wouldn’t stand for Adrienne stealing her life experiences and claiming them as her own.

When she was finally ready to explore the meaning of the cryptic note bequeathed to her in the black box, Allie’s quest lead her to meet a huge dark-haired biker who claimed he was like a personal fairy godmother sent to help her obtain personal happiness. At first, Allie thought she’d been punked by Adrienne, but the biker who called himself Angelo insisted he’d help her obtain happiness if she’d reveal to him what would make her happy. But was Allie’s wish to lure Zach Brady away from Adrienne really going to lead to that elusive happiness that always escaped her, or would an unlikely angel help Allie finally see that letting go of anger, resentment, and loss was the key to her future happiness?

MY SISTER’S SHOES is a moving story about finding yourself, forgiveness and fate. Heroine Allie has suffered more than her fair share of personal struggles for one so young and she feels she has once again been victimized by life’s cruelness. Feeling let down has almost become an ingrained habit and, therefore, a defense mechanism. Yet, Allie somehow manages to spend so much time trying to help others that she’s neglected her own happiness.

Angelo, while undergoing life changes of his own, becomes the one person Allie can count on. His advice to Allie is initially unwanted and much resented, but he soon has Allie realizing that her perceptions of others are flawed by her own inability to look beyond the surface of the masks that others wear to protect themselves from hurt. All too soon, as Allie reassesses her life and motivations, her self-confidence returns, along with a growing passion for a tall, dark, patient angel of mercy facing his own uncertain future.

One thing I can say about Cherrie Mack, as a relatively new author, she really knows how to write emotionally wrought scenes that pull the reader into her stories! At times, I found myself exasperated by Allie, totally charmed by Angelo, and tearing up over a truly divine reconnection and conclusion. For a mere 75 pages, this story packs a wallop of action, intensity, and life lessons, as well as a unique plot element and a feel good ending. MY SISTER’S SHOES is the first in The Little Black Box series and I can only say that I’m really looking forward to the release of Adrienne’s story.

What Readers are saying:

….This book was a pleasure to read!

….her sense of humor never disappoints.

….a feel-good book that lifted my spirits.

….Very Entertaining!

….Cherrie Mack is a fantastic writer! I have read her books and love each one better than the first. She is very descriptive and keeps your attention that you can’t wait to read the next page. Loved all of the characters within this take on a fabulous fairy tale.

….this book will make you laugh and cry.

….I love fairy tale reinventions, and this one did it well–unusual and complicated characters that put a spin on a traditional fairy tale.

….I didn’t want to put it down and read it in a few hours.

….did not disappoint

….LOVE how Ms. Mack twisted the storyline at each unexpected turn.

….quick read and left me smiling at the end for days.

….She knows how to keep your interest, and you seem to fall in love with all her characters.